Valentines Greeting Cards 4-Pack (2 Styles)

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Delight your loved ones with puzzling themed Valentines day greeting cards. The package contains two cards of each style.

Playtime: 10 mins
Difficulty: 30%

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There are two types of cards, both have a different design, message and puzzle

Llama Card

The front says – “You Keep My Very Old Engine Running.”
Additional puzzle elements on the back of the card.

Click/tap here to reveal secret message.
Be My Valentine.

Koala Card

Koala puzzle card – front says “You Make My Heart Grow”. Additional puzzle elements on the back of card.

Click/tap here to reveal secret message.
Love and hugs.

Each card, when folded, measures 9.75 cm x 13.5 cm (3.8″ x 5.3″). The card is manufactured in a carbon-negative approach, on high-quality FSC certified recycled paper.

The cards reveal a secret message if the puzzle is solved, which takes about 10-15 mins on average for most players. But the cards can be used without solving the puzzle as well, since the message on the front is in plain English and not conventionally encoded.

1 review for Valentines Greeting Cards 4-Pack (2 Styles)

  1. 5 out of 5

    Jared Markowitz (verified owner)

    Exactly what you’re looking for!

    If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you like the idea of a puzzle built into a greeting card for a fun, one-off little game that won’t take forever to complete, won’t involve a ton of reading or following a story with a whole cast of characters, and also won’t be lame and unchallenging. I bought all these greetings cards and they fit all of these criteria! I hope they come out with another set because I’ll buy them again for next year’s holidays too! We all passed the cards around to see who can solve them. Great fun for our whole family!

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