Environmental Impact

Table-top games like ours always take a toll on the environment. From the paper we use, to the printing, the shipping and even the servers we use for the electronic content, everything leaves an impact on our environment.

We, at Enigma Fellowship, strongly believe that doing our best to help improve ecosystems, reduce waste and our carbon impact on the environment is a good idea, whether you believe in climate change or not. It contributes to a better environment for us, and all the biodiversity that shares this planet with us.

While it is not possible for us to eliminate 100% of non-recycled and non-recyclable material, we do our best to achieve this goal. In the meantime, to offset the impact of our games, in our small way, and have as small a footprint as possible, we are taking several steps. You can read about these on this page.

List of initiatives

Plant-a-tree Initiative

One-million-tree initiative by Plant-for-the-planet

Every game we ship equals one planted tree!

Yes, you read that correctly. Enigma Fellowship donates towards planting one tree for every game we ship. All games shipped in the past, and even those shipped in the future, directly contribute towards this initiative. This means that each game you buy, gift or get for free, has already led to a tree being donated via one of the non-profit organizations we donate to.

A list of the projects we have donated to is maintained below, along with audit certificates for you to see.

Carbon Neutral Website

Carbon Neutral Website via Tree-Nation

While we don’t realize this, even running digital services leaves an impact on on our environment. The electricity consumed, maintenance and manufacturing of infrastructure; it all contributes. By partnering with Tree-Nation, we are able to operate our website in a carbon neutral way.

Carbon Neutral Commercial Printing

We think planting trees is a good step, but we need to go further if we are to make the biggest possible impact while still keeping our table-top paper based format.

Carbon Offset Printing from Wir-Machen-Druck and LW-FlyerDruck via ClimatePartner

In some urgent cases we need to work with a faster printer and choose OvernightPrints since they are FSC certified and committed to reducing environmental impact with all their materials.

Recycled and Environmentally Certified Paper

Recycled paper where possible.

Paper and paper based products form the backbone of our games. Eliminating these is not quite a possibility for us, so we have spent time ensuring that as much of the paper material we use meets one of these criteria:

Climate Neutral Shipping

Besides the paper and printing, the next biggest impact that our games have on the environment is due to all the shipping that we do.

Our first step towards reducing the impact was to use envelopes instead of boxes, and commit to making our games lighter than 220 grams (7.76 oz) so that we could offer combined shipping as an option. This saves money and reduces the impact of shipping greatly.

Climate neutral shipping via Deutsche Post DHL

We offer other shipping options on our website as well, but the GoGreen program by Deutsche Post is one of the best programs. We encourage you to use the Tracked Mail option to avail of this. We are also happy to state that well over 95% of our shipments have been transported completely carbon neutral.

All purchases we make that are shipped to us are done via climate neutral methods as well. We use DHL, DPD and GLS for these.

✅ – Shipments are 100% carbon neutral.

🟡 – Shipments are carbon neutral until the UK, but may not be 100% neutral within the UK.

Recyclable Packaging and Materials

Packaging material used in table-top games can quickly contribute towards a lot of waste. For the moment, we make a conscious effort to ensure that all packaging material we use is recyclable, along with the other materials in the game (if they are paper or plastic based).

A few examples:

  • The plastic packaging we use to protect the game envelopes from the elements are food grade. This means that you can wash the bags and use them to store food in your fridge. This greatly reduces impact on the environment.
  • We are currently investigating water-proof packaging materials that are compostable. As soon as we find a suitable one, we will switch to shipping our games in these so that the impact is even lower.
  • All envelopes used in the game are paper based so you can pop them into your regular recycling easily.

Puzzle Around The World Initiative

Shipping the games all around the world and producing them on paper elements, or otherwise, is taxing business for the environment. Even with advanced recycling it is almost impossible to negate the impact that games leave on our planet.

We even offer discount coupons to a chain of people once at least 5 people have played the same copy.