The Magical Sunflowers


100% of all purchases for this game will be donated to UNICEF for helping families caught in the conflict in Ukraine. All purchases made until 31 March 2022 will have 100% of the purchase amount matched in a donation. For example, if you spend $16 on this game, UNICEF will receive $32 in total.

Once upon a time, in a quiet corner of Nirgendheim, there was a village called Sylasia. The Sylasians were known to be friendly and kind by everyone. They were the keepers of magical Sunflowers, which unlike other sunflowers in Nirgendheim, were more like family members to the Sylasians.

In the neighboring lands of Sauris, in a tower looming far above the lands, lived the Evil Eagle of the East. All the Evil Eagle wanted was power for himself. He tried to collect all manners of magical items from all across the realm. His most recent target, the magical Sunflowers of Sylasia!

Can you help the Sylasians ward off the Evil Eagle of the East? The Sylasians and their sunflowers need all the help that you can give them.

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