The Magical Tale

The Magical Tale

The Magical Tale

The Magical Tale is a hand made wood bound fairy tale puzzle adventure. The game is written like a fairy tale book that can be played with friends, family and even children. If puzzles are not your fare, then the book provides an interesting story as well. Best of all, the entire game is 100% offline. Yes, this includes hints, solutions and puzzle elements too. Everything is completely contained inside the book.

An accompanying Audio Book is also available so you don’t have to read the story to yourself. Instead, you can let us narrate the book to you. If you are a player who likes very detailed hints, then we offer those online.

This game is not part of the subscription.

Once upon a time in the magical land of Nirgendheim, hidden amongst the wonders of our world, lived Baron Theodore Puffington the Third. A majestic young dragon of just slightly over 300 years old. In a sad twist of fate, Baron Puffington’s tail has disappeared. An untamed dragon’s tale can release chaotic magic across all of Nirgendheim and hurt the folk of this realm.

To save Nirgendheim and recover his tail, Baron Puffington cast an ancient spell to find him a champion that can help discover where his tail now lays. A beautiful book appears on your doorstep, reading like a fairy tale and taking you on an enigmatic adventure guided by Baron Puffington himself.

Are you the champion of this tale?



120 mins avg. playing time