The Missing Star

The Christmas Star

In the quiet little town of Josenheim people are slowly preparing for the holiday season. The little huts for the Christmas market are being built, even the big pine tree has been cut down and brought to the town center. But as the mayor was looking for the famous and historic Josenheim Star for the tip of the Christmas tree, he noticed that it was gone!

Can you help the people of Josenheim and return their historic Christmas star to them in time for the opening of the Christmas market?

The Christmas Star is a mini-game print-and-play adventure. This holiday themed game is designed to be played along with children over the age of 8. Occasional adult guidance and supervision might be needed for some puzzles and cutting activities.

This game is not as detailed as our normal games. It does not come with virtual game-master options, or voice actors. It is made purely for your enjoyment of the Holiday Season spirit and is not related to our regular games.

Now includes audio narration and background music! Happy Holidays!



90 mins avg. playing time

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Important Play Instructions

Please scroll further to begin game. We recommend reading the rules before starting play.

Since this game is a print-and-play mini-game, it does not use the same mechanics of play as our other games. When confronted with a password, please keep in mind that it is usually one of the following:

  • A word – For example when unlocking a computer you would use a word. If multiple words are found to be the answer, please always input it without spaces and in lower case.
  • Random letters – For example a license plate, a booking confirmation, etc. The random letters can read out a sensible word, but they don’t necessarily have to. Once again, always use lower case and no spaces when entering the solution.
  • One or more digits – Note that a digit can only be 0, 1, 2, …, 9. For example, a pin code is usually made with 4 digits, like 3 7 4 9. If a puzzle states that it requires digits, then please enter these without spaces.
  • One or more numbers – It is important to keep in mind that we make distinctions between numbers and digits. A number can contain one or more digits. For example, to unlock a rotary dial on a safe you will have to use three numbers, like: 32 108 9. When entering this sequence, please do not use spaces. In this example 32 108 9 would become 321089.
  • Combinations of the above – Sometimes an envelope can be opened or a puzzle solved with a combination of specific data. For example the personal file of a specific employee can be opened with their birth year and their last name: 1975smith. In this case the puzzle will tell you specifically what you need to enter. Once again, no spaces and all lowercase.

When you think you have the solution for a puzzle, just scan the QR code right next to it. This will bring up a website where you can enter the solution. Remember, no spaces and all lowercase when submitting your answer.

If your answer is correct, the story of your game will evolve a little more. You might be presented with new information or additional puzzles. You continue until you reach the end of the game and there are no more puzzles to solve.

And with that, let the games begin! 

Remember to use the access code from the email you received.