The Scattered Cards

The Scattered Cards

The Scattered Cards

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The Sonnburg Police Department has been investigating mysterious disappearances of citizens in the city for the past few weeks. The case has only taken a turn for the worse now that a Police officer has turned up missing as well. The only connection seems to be random playing cards received by each victim before they vanished. The Enigma Fellowship has been brought in due to our expertise in solving mysteries.

Can you solve the enigma of the scattered cards and find the kidnapping victims before something untoward happens? Can you apprehend the perpetrator? Lives depend upon you.

“Youโ€™ll play the role of an independent investigator trying to solve a string of mysterious kidnappings that have flummoxed the police. While this is a very familiar setup, the Engima Fellowship delivers some clever twists that elevate it above similar genre fare. The story takes some great twists and turns and provides a really satisfying answer to the question of โ€œWhy would a kidnapper leave clues that would lead to their own capture?โ€ The puzzles all were well-written, logically constructed, and fairโ€”just difficult. The Scattered Cards was an enjoyably difficult solve.”

“The story was engaging and well written with several twists along the way. Every unveiling pulled me deeper into the story. The variety of puzzles were very well done. This was one of my favorite mysteries to date. You wonโ€™t regret trying this one out for yourself.”

“Out of all the games I have played from all the companies, this game is one of my absolute favorites. I stayed in suspense throughout and loved every aspect of The Scattered Cards. If I had to describe the puzzles in one word it would be WOW!! I give every element of this game and company a 10 out of 10.”

“The Scattered Cards walks the line between puzzle game and detective game, and does it well. The puzzles are challenging and thereโ€™s an enjoyable mystery to solve. If youโ€™re a fan of true crime, this should be a good game for you.”

“Itโ€™s a classic detective case in every sense of the word. The Scattered Cards a lot harder than The Lost Knowledge. Difficult, yes, but no less enjoyable! Overall, good fun! A little tricky, but if you like detective games, this is a fun one to while away an afternoon over.”

“I had the absolute pleasure of playing The Scattered Cards and my was it good! An intriguing and intense story (my heart was pumping during one part of the experience) with some really ingenious puzzles involving playing cards.”



150 mins avg. playing time


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