Puzzle Around The World

Pass the fun around – Get A Discount Code!

We support our players passing on the games to their friends, family and fellow puzzlers. Even if this means you resell it. It is better for the environment and it spreads the joy around.

In fact, we love to find out just how far our games have gone. So if you take just a few simple steps, we will even give you and all players after you a 5% discount code, as long as you spread the love.

How to get the discount code

Just follow these steps:

  1. Enter the location where and when you played the game on the little sheet on the back of the envelope.
  2. Leave a fun and kind message for the person you are passing it on to.
  3. Like us on Facebook (FB) and follow us on Instagram (IG). Just one is enough if you don’t use both.
  4. Post a selfie on FB/IG with the envelope and the sheet showing locations clearly. Make sure to tag us in your post, and also include the hashtags #puzzle #mystery #adventure.
  5. Finally, include the unique game code on the reverse of your envelope as a hashtag as well. E.g., if your game code is S1G400103 then also include the hashtag #s1g400103. This will help all of us know which game is traveling how far.

As soon as at least five different people have done all of the above, each one of you in the list can get a 5% code from us. That’s all there is to it!

Now go forth and help our games go on an adventure as they help people puzzle around the world.


This is the only way we have to track how many people have actually received the game. It also helps us spread the word about our games. We promise that we will not use your photos or information for any other purpose without your consent. We value your privacy.

Many people enjoy receiving handwritten notes from others and it keeps a human connection alive across vast distances, even in our digitally disconnected era. Doing this offline also means that we don't have to force people to leave this information online and this allows you to decide whether you want to participate or not. Not to mention your privacy and data remains yours.

Not exactly. We need at least five different people to follow all those steps, which means that at least five people have to make the posts. You can always have 10 people on the list, but only after at least five people have made a post online the discount code will be made available. This way we also have a method of verifying the veracity of the posts and passing discount codes to you.

Technically, we don't stop you from doing this. But we encourage you to pass the game to others so that the game sees reuse and you also spread the cheer around.

There is no financial reward for us, but by passing the game along to others you increase the chance of spreading the word about our games. Being a small young company, this is immensely helpful to us.

Absolutely! All you have to do is to use the unique game code as a hashtag while making a post. For example, if your game code is S1G400103 then just use the hashtag #s1g400103.

We can all use this in the future to figure out how many mentions were made and easily pass discount codes to the people making the posts. Please let us know if we can help explain this better.

Just write on the envelope! Keep it growing. Maybe we will make a special reward for the longest journey taken. πŸ˜‰

It helps us achieve two things:

  1. Reduce the impact of our puzzle games on the environment. We support the idea of Reduce - Reuse - Recycle while promoting our fun hobby. This helps get there.
  2. We are a very small young company run by a couple that truly enjoys making these games and hopefully bringing you entertainment at home. If you pass these games along, or resell them, it helps get the word about our games out there.