Koala Card Solutions & Hints

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Have you noticed that the Koala on the front of the card is holding a heart that says, "You make my heart grow"?

Have you noticed that there are 11 hearts of different sizes on the front of the card and that each heart has a pattern on it?

Did you notice the letters on the back and the patterns on them?

Can you match the patterns on the hearts on front of the card to the patterns on the letters on the back?

You should be able to make these associations from the hearts in the front to the letters in the back.

Do you remember what the Koala's message is?

"You make my heart grow"

Perhaps that is a hint.

Have you tried arranging the hearts in smallest to largest order?

The hearts sorted in size should look like above. Can you use the letters now somehow?

If you replace the hearts with the letters that match the corresponding pattern, while the order of the hearts is sorted like in Hint 8, you should see a secret message.

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The front of the card has a message that says, “You make my heart grow”. There are also several hearts with different patterns on them. The back of the card has letters with the same pattern as the front.

These can be associated as such:

Following the Koala’s message, you should be able to sort the hearts like this:

Now substitute the hearts for their corresponding letters. This should reveal a secret message.

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The solution is: LOVE AND HUGS.