Begin Game (Scattered Thoughts)

If this is your first time playing one of our games, we highly recommend listening to or reading the instructions.

As you open the main envelope, you should find:

  • Mystery Solving 101 sheet
  • Letter from Mr. Gurges
  • Letter from Prof. McEwan
  • Castello Di Dolcci – Archaeological Survey Map
  • News article clipping
  • Envelope addressed to Ms. Poppy Nicdao
  • Part 1 envelope (sealed)
  • Part 2 envelope (sealed)

Important Play Instructions

Click play to listen. Below, you can read the instructions instead as well.

Important Play Instructions

The type of key that opens an envelope or solves a puzzle is always written on it. It is usually one of the following:

  • A word – For example when unlocking a computer you would use a word. If multiple words are found to be the answer, please always input it without spaces and in lower case.
  • Random letters – For example a license plate, a booking confirmation, etc. The random letters can read out a sensible word, but they don’t necessarily have to. Once again, always use lower case and no spaces when entering the solution.
  • One or more digits – Note that a digit can only be 0, 1, 2, …, 9. For example, a pin code is usually made with 4 digits, like 3 7 4 9. If a puzzle states that it requires digits, then please enter these without spaces.
  • One or more numbers – It is important to keep in mind that we make distinctions between numbers and digits. A number can contain one or more digits. For example, to unlock a rotary dial on a safe you will have to use three numbers, like: 32 108 9. When entering this sequence, please do not use spaces. In this example 32 108 9 would become 321089.
  • Combinations of the above – Sometimes an envelope can be opened or a puzzle solved with a combination of specific data. For example the personal file of a specific employee can be opened with their birth year and their last name: 1975smith. In this case the puzzle will tell you specifically what you need to enter. Once again, no spaces and all lowercase.

When you think you have the solution for a puzzle, just scan the QR code right next to it. This will bring up a website where you can enter the solution. Remember, no spaces and all lowercase when submitting your answer.

If your answer is correct, the story of your game will evolve a little more. You might be presented with new information, additional puzzles or you will be told which envelope to open next. And then you continue until you reach the end of the game and there are no more puzzles to solve.

We recommend not packing away materials you find, as you play the game, because some items might be used multiple times. There are reset instructions at the end to help you with repackaging.

Once you finish playing, if you would like to reset the game so that you can play it again in the future, please click on the reset game button.

We recommend not packing away materials you find, as you play the game, because some items might be used multiple times. There are reset instructions at the end to help you with repackaging.

Games Modes


We offer two modes of play for the game. Please read about these before starting the game below.

  • Timed Play (approx. 2.5hrs) – As the name suggests, this mode is designed to offer you a play time of up to about 2.5hrs. This mode has a Virtual Gamemaster that will help you restrict the time you spend on each puzzle. Emulating an escape room, the Virtual Gamemaster will give you subtle hints at regular intervals to help you solve a puzzle. If you run out of the allotted time for a puzzle, you will be presented with a solution. Of course, you can pause the Virtual Gamemaster at any time, thereby extending your play time. Or you can choose to ignore this completely as well. As you navigate through the game, each relevant webpage will have a Virtual Gamemaster section that you can expand and use. Just click play on the video in that section to start the timer and hint system.
  • Free Play – This mode is designed for people who have played at-home mystery games before, solved at least 5-6 escape rooms, and consider themselves puzzlers or people who like to take time cracking codes/ciphers/puzzles. If you are an experienced puzzler, then this game should provide you about 2.5-3hrs of gameplay. Otherwise, in this Free Play mode you can take as long as you want. If you get stuck at any point, then there are typically hints available on the relevant page. Or you can return to this page and access the hints and solutions by using the button at the bottom of the page. The hints are designed to only nudge you towards figuring it out on your own.

If you are new to these types of games, haven’t solved many escape rooms before or are inexperienced with puzzles in general then we recommend using Timed Play for at least your first game. This also applies if you feel like you might get frustrated quickly if solving a puzzle takes long. Of course, you can abandon the Timed Play mode at any time during the game, once you feel comfortable with the format.

Please note that Timed Play mode will add an element of urgency and pressure.

Please familiarize yourself with all the items that you found when opening your envelope.
When you are ready, click the button below to begin your adventure.
Use the password from your Mystery Solving 101 sheet.


To use the buttons below please use the password that was printed on your Mystery Solving 101 sheet.